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Spain Suits us Muy Bueno

Plaza Mayor Madrid

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Apologies are perhaps in order. It’s not nice to try to trick our readers, even on April Fool’s Day and even if very few of you fell for our little joke. So we’re sorry for that (if only just a little).

Nor was it good form to slander Europe, especially considering that most of our “complaints” weren’t at all applicable to Madrid. Except the small coffee thing. That is totally true. And it is something we really are struggling to adjust to.

In all other respects, though, we fell for Spain like an old flame.

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Red and Black in San Diego’s Botanical Garden

San Diego Botanical Garden


Bright afternoon sunlight not only set the poinsettias ablaze but also cast interesting and contrastingly dark shadows at San Diego’s Botanical Garden in Balboa Park.

We’re Out’a Here!

Small European Coffee

We’ve been in Europe for exactly one week and we can’t wait to get back home. We just can’t take it any longer.

Everything is so different from what we’re used to. The television channels are all in some strange language and it’s impossible to get something to eat at a proper dinner hour. Of course when we finally do get served, sometime around 10:00 p.m. (or should I say 22:00 – which is metric, I think) the portions are so small that we have to order three plates each. And don’t get me started on the thimble-like coffee cups. What’s with these tiny little servings? Haven’t they heard of Super Size here?

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Oregon 2.0

Bend Oregon Wildflowers

Long before we set off for Europe, we needed to drive the RV south before winter set in. After journeying up the atmospheric Oregon coast in the spring and a stop in delightful Portland, what else could the state possibly offer us? From Shakespeare to beer, here are some of the highlights from our second foray through Oregon.

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More than a Crater Lake

Crater Lake National Park

There’s a noticeable absence of beach houses ringing its shores. In fact, the only legal access to the lake is by climbing 700 feet down to Cleetwood Cove. In a way, that isolation is precisely why people go out of their way to get here. But if you want to see this cliff-ringed sapphire jewel of a lake, go out of your way you must.

Even by National Park standards, Crater Lake feels remote. There are only 111 rooms available in the entire park. That compares, for example, with the nine hotels located inside Yellowstone, including one 300-room giant so close to Old Faithful that it nearly casts a shadow on the geyser. The nearest large hotels serving Crater Lake, meanwhile, are forty miles away in Klamath Falls.

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