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Airlines May Reduce Carry-On Bag Sizes, Who Cares?

Not long ago, this week’s announcement that airlines may further reduce the already small size of allowed carry-on bags would have filled us with dread. Today we just shrugged.  

You see, we used to be a carry-on-only couple. It was an accomplishment we had worked hard to achieve. And it wasn’t easy either. Downsizing everything you need in life to fit into the space of a fourteen-inch square box is no small feat.

We didn’t get there overnight, for sure. It probably took years of weaning ourselves of various “necessities” so that we could travel for any length of time utilizing only the contents of our carry-on bags. And like most other travelers who manage to make do with small luggage we felt a certain amount of pride, and even a bit of superiority, in our abilities.

Oh, how we’d scoff at all the travel noobs struggling with their monstrous suitcases. What do they pack in those things anyway? Spare children?  

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Where in Westeros Have You Been?

Cordoba Spain

The Roman Bridge in Cordoba, Spain is also . . .

I have to say that this has me geeking out a bit. It’s not every day you come across something that wraps travel, fantasy, television, literature and European maps all into one beautiful package. So it’s no surprise that when I discovered a map showing all the Game of Thrones filming locations it consumed way more of my time than it should have.

Longbridge of Volantis

The Long Bridge of Volantis (with added CGI)

The fun thing about this for us is seeing just how many of these places we’ve been to. We never got around to exploring any of the Lord of the Rings filming locations in New Zealand. Somehow, though, we seem to have found ourselves at several spots used as backdrops for Game of Thrones.

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You Know it’s 2015 When

Even Angels Take Selfies

Great Products For Long-Term Travelers

We get asked so frequently about the things we use to make traveling full-time easier that we figured our readers would find a post dedicated to the subject useful. 

Most of the time everyday clothing and products are perfectly adequate for the kind of traveling we do. We don’t, for example, wear convertible cargo pants or Columbia travel clothes that so many other travelers favor. Blue jeans and t-shirts work as well for us on the road as they do at home.

Occasionally, though, full-time travelers encounter special problems. And special problems call for special solutions. These are the products and services we’ve come to rely on to help solve some of those challenges.

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The Creepy Men of Ipoh, Malaysia

Ipoh Malaysia Mural

Faces were changed to protect the innocent

Where did all the women go?

Seriously. Walking around the “New Town” section of Ipoh, Malaysia, away from the small tourist hub that consists of a few gentrifying streets of quaint coffee shops, was a bit like walking through some Twilight Zone episode where most of the women had been erased from the city.

The first day in town we were a little unnerved by the degree of machismo on display, with groups of men occupying most street corners. Even as a dude it felt a little creepy being surrounded by so much undiluted maleness.

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