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The Best Beach Anywhere?

Grayton Beach Sand Dunes

We turned the corner and saw the impossible; snow covered mountains in Florida. We knew our eyes were deceiving us because Florida doesn’t have mountains, or snow for that matter. Had we known about the brilliantly white sand that graces Florida’s ‘Emerald Coast’ we might have expected to see these dunes on our way to Grayton Beach, but instead, they took us by surprise. Read More…

Photo of the Day: Florida Caverns State Park

Florida Caverns State Park Image

Florida Caverns State Park

Falling Waters State Park

Falling Waters State Park, FloridaWe lucked into massive thunderstorms the day we pulled into Falling Waters State Park. Ordinarily, I don’t wish for storms, and certainly not the kinds that come with tornado warnings, like these had. But if we didn’t get some rain, there wouldn’t have been any ‘falling water’ at Florida’s largest waterfall. Even with the rain the falls couldn’t compare with the ones we visited up north, but the 73 foot drop into a sinkhole is still a sight worth seeing.

An Everglades Alternative

Wakulla Springs Edward Ball State Park, FloridaNestled against the Apalachee Bay where the panhandle connects to the larger Florida peninsula, Wakulla County mixes the wetlands of Southern Florida with the Spanish moss draped grandeur of old Georgia. This isn’t a region that is on anyone’s “must-see” list, but it should be. In fact, had we stopped here on our way south, the Everglades would have been disappointing in comparison. Read More…

Tallahassee Old State Capitol and Museum

Tallahassee Old State Capitol

Someone forgot to tell the good folks of Tallahassee that ‘history is written by the victors.’ At far too many historic sites we’ve seen the unpleasant aspects of our collective past downplayed, marginalized, or covered with a glossy coat of bullshit. But in Tallahassee’s Old State Capitol and Museum they present a refreshingly blunt picture of Florida history. Covering everything from the lynchings that ushered in the 20th Century to the presidential election debacle that closed it, the museum pulls no punches. They even highlight Florida’s failure to ratify the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution in a display headlined “Women Get to Vote (No thanks to Florida).” It’s an honesty that borders on self flagellation but is probably better described as mature self reflection. For our part, we appreciated a place that has the strength of character to admit its mistakes, instead of just extolling its virtues. Here’s to hoping that more places (and people) follow Florida’s lead.

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