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Extended Travel and Pets

Extended travel with pets
Tabitha curls up with a good book at an Econo Lodge

You want to travel the world. You love your pets. What do you do?

Reconciling your dream life with the real-world constraints of your existing life is no small challenge. Few of those challenges are harder than incorporating the needs of pets into your travel plans.

It’s probably because of how much we struggled with this issue that reading the blog post Letting Go: What about the Pets? made me so sad. In fairness to the good folks at Meet, Plan, Go, I think they simply buried the lead. The article really does have good, useful, information, which is typical of their work. To get to the best stuff, though, you need to read past the title and the first three testimonials of people who gave away their pets to pursue a life on the road.

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The Great Cupcake Chase

Food has gone viral.

The surge in mobile bistros has given rise to the digitization of eateries. Sure, plenty of savvy restaurants have had a virtual presence for years, with slick websites promoting their fabulous fare. But when the kitchen has wheels, the entire establishment becomes virtual – here one moment and gone the next. Connecting with repeat customers isn’t as “simple” as providing great service and offering outstanding value; that’s a given. An even more basic neccessity is providing would-be patrons a way to find them.

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20 Ways to Save for Travel

20 Ways to Save for Travel

A beautifully gilded cage is no less confining.

After recommending two weeks ago that each of us should accumulate roughly 25 times our uncovered annual expenses in retirement savings, we felt obligated to offer up some money saving suggestions.

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A Moveable Feast

The Biscuit Bus, Denver Food Truck

They may not have originated in Denver, but gourmet food trucks have recently taken the city by storm. An order of magnitude better than the usual hot dog carts and far removed from the “roach coaches” of old, these former delivery vans and RVs have been remade with snazzy paint jobs, state of the art kitchens, and top notch chefs.

At last count over eighty roving restaurants circled the city, with more joining their ranks everyday. Serving up everything from Mexican-Asian fusion at Mestizos, to artisan wood-fired pizza at 528˚ – that’s right, wood-fired pizza made in the back of a truck – the trendy street food craze is bringing a world of flavors curbside.

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Fort Collins’ Bad Business Decision

Retail blowout is one way to describe our planned afternoon in Fort Collins, Colorado. We drove into town for the sole purpose of shopping at local stores, eating at local restaurants, and touring most of the city’s many local breweries. We ended up doing none of that. The City of Fort Collins is the reason why.

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