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Best of the Blog: 2012’s Top 10 (continued)

Actun Tunichil Muknal, Skull, ATM

Earlier this week we started counting down our ten most popular posts of the prior year. Today we finish with the year’s best five.

5) Go Big or Go Home. A Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure

Grand Canyon, River View

It was a trip so big the story took two blog posts to tell. We’re not at all surprised that our favorite trip of all time also became one of our best blog posts ever.

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Best of the Blog: 2012’s Top 10

Yellowstone, Pool

A thermal pool at Yellowstone National Park

With 2012 coming to a close it’s once again time for the annual retrospective. This year, instead of us selecting our favorites, we trolled through our blog statistics to try to discern which of our posts were most widely read and shared. What we came up with is a kind of “Reader’s Choice” roundup.

The results are a somewhat eclectic mix of travel stories, how-to pieces and general musings. If there is a message to us in this it is that we should keep writing a variety of articles, throwing stuff against the wall because we never know what’s going to stick.

But that’s a topic for another day. Today we’re all about revealing the first five posts of 2012’s Top 10:

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Utah in the Rearview Mirror

Utah, Desert, Highway, Mirror, Road, Reflection, Landscape, Red rocks

Utah may be only the 13th largest U.S. state by area, but within its borders we found diversity enough for an entire continent. Now that we’re leaving this remarkable place, we thought it fitting to spend a moment reflecting on what we saw here.

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Impressionist Zion

Impressionist Zion National Park Utah

The autumn colors that adorned Zion National Park’s rosy canyon walls looked to me like they were drawn from a great impressionist painting. In honor of that thought, I figured I’d try something new and show Zion as it might have been portrayed by Monet (or, more likely, one of Monet’s significantly less talented students). Original photos here, here and here

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Where Man’s Best Friend Finds a Friend of His Own

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Dog Town


That’s approximately the number of animals euthanized in the United States each year.

They come to that end because of broken homes and busted dreams; because too few animals are spayed or neutered and because too many are deliberately bred; because their owners are completely out of options or simply out of patience.

It’s a shockingly high number. More than 10,000 every single day. For the most part those killings are conducted by shelters trying to free up room for the steady stream of new animals that come through their doors. The old, the sick and the unwanted are euthanized to give those animals more likely to be adopted a space and a shot. But the volume of new arrivals is so large that a typical shelter puts down 60% of the animals it receives.

If killing six in ten animals seems like a strange form of rescue to you, you’re not alone. Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, thinks so too.

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