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Preparing for an Extended Backpacking Excursion (Part I)

One hundred and six. That is the number of stops we’ve made during twenty months of continuous travel. We move so often that it has become second nature. These days, getting to a new destination isn’t much different than commuting to work. We experience no anxiety, or make special plans. We don’t even really need to give it a lot of thought. We just pack up and go. That is, as long as we’re driving the RV.

Our 107th stop is something else entirely. Shortly we’ll be leaving the RV behind and taking a flight to Belize. From there we’ll spend two months backpacking across Northern Central America. This is a completely new form of travel for us and required a bit more preparation. This is how we got ready.

Travel Bags

We didn’t absolutely need new luggage for the kind of travel we envision, but for ultra-mobility a backpack is hard to beat. The variety of bags available surprised and overwhelmed us, though. Complicating matters is that many retailers only carry certain brands, making comparison shopping a bit of pain. We also discovered that most backpacks are designed with the hiker, not the traveler, in mind. Travelers have special needs, and most bags fell short somehow.

Here’s what we were looking for, and ultimately what we got:

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How to Drive a Motor Home

The fear of driving a motor home prevents many people from even attempting a life on the road. Motor homes are big, and tall, and long and sluggish. Stepping into the driver’s seat for the first time can be a terrifying experience. Believe me, I know. It doesn’t have to be.

Of all the reasons people give us for not RVing, fear of driving one is the easiest to overcome. If you know how to drive an automobile then you already have all the skills needed to drive a modern motor home. Making the transition only requires a few adjustments, most of which you can practice in the car you drive now.

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How to Travel as a Couple Without Killing Each Other

Happily traveling together fulltime for 20 months and counting

 “And you’re still married?”

It’s by far the most common reaction we get after telling people we’ve been traveling together for nearly two years. More interesting, apparently, than our favorite destination or even how we’re able to travel for so long is how we’ve refrained from murdering each other.

The frequency of this question reveals a lot about the state of our relationships; which is also where the answers begin.

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How We Chose Our RV

Within the last couple of weeks we’ve received enough questions about our RV, and how we chose it, that an entire post on the subject seems warranted. We haven’t spoken a lot about the nuts and bolts of RVing in the past, so this is a topic that is probably a bit overdue.

When we first decided to live in an RV fulltime it was something we knew absolutely nothing about. To be honest, we couldn’t tell a Class A from a 5th wheel from a cow. We had never owned so much as a pop-up trailer. Heck, we had never even spent a night in a camper of any kind. It took us about two months of hard research to go from zero to confident RV owners. This is how we decided on our specific rig:

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How to say goodbye to your things

How to say goodbye to your things

There is no avoiding it. If you want to hit the road fulltime you have to learn to travel light. If you dream of backpacking around the globe, plan on carrying no more than 40 liters (1.4 cubic feet) of gear; basically just enough to hold a couple changes of clothes. Even with a large RV, space is limited.

Prior to moving in to a 300-square-foot motor home, we made do with a 1,000-square-foot apartment. For over a decade we lived without the benefit of a basement or an attic. Our total storage space amounted to three small closets. We always considered our lifestyle pretty minimalist. Somehow we still managed to accumulate four times more stuff than we could take with us.

Nearly everything we owned had to go.

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