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Curious, Cautious, Cute as Can Be

Little boy and a scary fish

At the Pike Place Fish Market on Seattle’s waterfront, we encountered this adorable kid. When he saw Brian was going to take a photo of a monk fish impaled on the front of a display, he politely stopped to wait. After he was motioned to continue, the brave little guy—timid yet determined—moved in for a close encounter with the fierce-looking sea creature.

Seattle Scenes

Seattle Skyline at Night

There are as many ways to explore a city as there are visitors to it. Every time we roll into a new town, we’re confronted with a blank slate of sightseeing possibilities. Art museums are always high on the list, while natural history museums almost never are. Walking tours sometimes make the cut, while state capitols always do. Famous landmarks are contenders and so is the offbeat. 

Factors other than personal preference come into play, too, like time, mood, and money. Full-time travel means we have to keep a closer eye on our wallet than we used to do on week-long trips, which can quickly whittle down a list of options (sorry, Space Needle).

Each itinerary is a unique blueprint of how we spent our time in a particular place. Here is some of what we saw in Seattle, a city that charmed us with its blend of sophistication and quirkiness.

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Saint James Cathedral

St James Cathedral Seattle

Saint James Cathedral, Seattle

The Dale Chihuly Trail

Chihuly's Ikebana and Float Boats

Chihuly’s Ikebana and Float Boats

Dale Chihuly is stalking us. Or at least that’s the way it seems.

Having never heard of the revolutionary American glass sculptor before setting out on our trip more than three years ago, we can’t seem to turn around these days without seeing his work. It’s literally everywhere, from hotels and hospitals to churches and department stores in just about every state in the union. We can’t even leave the country without being shadowed by a Chihuly sculpture.

Chihuly and Us at Chatsworth House

Us at Chatsworth House. Chihuly at Chatsworth House. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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