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What David Brooks Doesn’t Get About Us

Not at all what David thinks.

Not at all what David thinks.

I have to say I was a bit amused to read David Brooks’ most recent column from the comfortable couch of our two-bedroom apartment rental overlooking a harbor in Cornwall, England. You see, David is a bit confused about the emerging “peer-to-peer” economy. To his credit, he admits as much.

I’m one of those people who thought Airbnb would never work. I thought people would never rent out space in their homes to near strangers. But I was clearly wrong.”

He then tries to explain why his original prediction failed, only to demonstrate that he still doesn’t really get what’s going on.

On the one hand, he does seem to grasp the way in which new technologies are rendering rigid old structures flexible. On the other, he seems completely oblivious to the value such flexibility provides. It’s a theme that runs throughout the piece.

I’ll hazard a guess that his blind spot comes from a political philosophy that prefers to see people constricted in various ways. He may not realize it, but that isn’t what most people want. People really do value having options. That simple understanding would, I think, have made everything clear to him.

But for our purposes, let us start at the beginning.

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Get $25 Off Your Next AirBnB Rental

Just one of the many apartments we've rented through AirBnB - this one we rented for a week in Provence, France.

Just one of the many apartments we’ve rented through AirBnB. This one, located in the heart of St. Remy, is where we based ourselves for a week in Provence, France.

Ever since our first experiment with AirBnB (where we snagged a New York City room that cost us 60% less than the cheapest traditional hotel rate we could find) we’ve used the house-sharing site to book dozens of apartments in places like Hawaii, D.C., Barcelona and Paris. Over the past couple of years it has become one of our go-to sites for lodging.

After booking an apartment in Northumberland the other day, we received a message informing us that we could offer our friends a $25 credit toward their next AirBnB rental. Considering that we view all of our readers as dear friends, we wanted to extend that offer to each and every one of you.

Claim your $25 AirBnB Credit

All you have to do to claim your credit is click this link or the button above and register as a new AirBnB user. And all that you have to do to register is enter your name, e-mail address and choose a password.

Voila, you’re done!

You now have a shiny new AirBnB account. Best of all, AirBnB will then automatically deduct $25 (or the equivalent in your home currency) off your next booking of $75 or more made with that new account.

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Better Bookings with Airbnb

Photo courtesy of Bela Kiefer

It’s true the internet didn’t revolutionize everything. Pets.com never delivered, well, whatever it was that it tried to deliver. In other areas, though, the internet has proven as transformative as the initial hype suggested. Newspapers struggle to cope with free content, a technology company now dominates music sales, and large book sellers are liquidating because they can’t compete with something called ‘Kindle.’ In recent years the web’s networking properties have also allowed markets to form for things that were previously unmarketable; like empty rooms and houses. The hotel industry should worry. Travelers should rejoice. Read More…

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