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Playing Tag in Alhambra's Alhambra Palace of Charles V_

Playing tag in Alhambra’s Palace of Charles V

Once Isn’t Enough at the Alhambra

An Alhambra Palace Building with Flowers

It was the first time this has happened during our travels. So enticed were we by the idea of visiting the Alhambra, a sprawling Moorish complex perched above the town of Granada, that we pre-booked tickets for not just one but two visits.

When we debated where in continental Europe to begin our travels, an image of the Alhambra kept looming in my mind. And so we set out for Spain, beginning in Madrid and then traveling further south, steadily making our way to Granada. With such a weighty decision made because of a single site, it seemed only fitting that we do it justice by visiting twice to see the Alhambra in sunlight and moonlight.

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The Most Interesting Man at the Alhambra

Whach U Look'n At

They couldn’t take their eyes off of me. Even when I raised my camera to photograph them staring at me, they never even blinked. Apparently self-consciousness is something that develops at a somewhat later age.

These weren’t the first group of boys to fall under my spell that day. And for some reason they were all boys who did. Sadly, my power to enrapture doesn’t work on anyone else. I know this from long experience.

At first I barely noticed the stares of the gaggles that passed me as I patiently waited for the clock to strike my allotted entrance time to Spain’s Alhambra Palace. The ones pointing were a bit more obvious. The laughter got my full attention.

I could perhaps understand being the butt of one joke. But this was something different; a universal mocking to which I alone missed the punch line. And then I got it.

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