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America the Beautiful

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Before embarking in 2010 on what turned out to be a four-year-long, coast-to-coast U.S. road trip, we couldn’t possibly appreciate–or even comprehend–the stunning beauty of our home country. The diversity of its natural wonders is perhaps unique in the world. So on this, the 239th anniversary of a revolutionary experiment in democracy, we celebrate our nation’s founding by reminiscing over just a few of the remarkable scenes we had the pleasure of seeing during our journey from sea to shining sea.

Happy Birthday, America. You truly are beautiful.

America the Beautiful Canyonlands

America the Beautiful

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Tonight we board a plane bound for Spain. We’re bidding farewell to the United States for six months or more, depending on where the road takes us next.

We never intended to start our full-time travels in our home country, roaming from coast to coast in an RV, but we’re glad it worked out the way it did. For the past four years we’ve constantly been awed and amazed by the scenic beauty this country has to offer, from Colorado’s giant sand dunes backed by snow-capped mountain peaks to the red-hued spires of Bryce National Canyon, from intriguing, colorful cities like New Orleans to the vibrant palettes of Yellowstone.

This slide show captures only a small fraction of what we saw and experienced during an unforgettable first installment of our travel adventures. 

America the Beautiful Canyonlands

Goodbye, for now, America. We’ll truly miss you.

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