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Salt Lake City Capitol

Salt Lake City Capitol Murals

Murals inside the Salt Lake City Capitol building rotunda

The U.S. may not have Europe’s 17th century palaces to house our government offices but we’ve still managed to create some amazing spaces for our bureaucrats. Each state capitol we’ve visited (18 in all so far) is unique. Notwithstanding its stereotypically domed neoclassical architecture, the Capitol in Salt Lake City is one of the most impressive we’ve seen.

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Photo of the Day: NY Botanical Garden

Mertz Library NY Botanical Garden

Mertz Library NY Botanical Garden

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter Home, Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West Beijing Tiles

Beijing tiles greet visitors at Taliesin West

Few professionals were more prolific than Frank Lloyd Wright. Over the course of a 70-year career, Wright designed 1,140 works, ranging from personal residences to office buildings to bridges. That works out to more than 16 every year; roughly a new design ever three weeks. 532 of those came to fruition in completed projects, 409 of which are still standing today.

Of that amazing total, we’ve visited just three: the Guggenheim museum in our beloved Manhattan, Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, and most recently Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona.

And while the coiled design of the Guggenheim stands in a class by itself, we found many similarities between the other two properties. From our previous visit to Fallingwater, we could have easily identified Taliesin as a Wright design even if no one had told us.

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