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For The Birds

The Everglades is for the birds –  literally. What it lacks in critters of the furry variety, it makes up for with an abundance of the feathered kind. Shannon & I never thought of ourselves as “birders,” mostly because around our neck of the woods the only things you typically see are pigeons. But out here, the avian diversity is truly stunning. Now I’m finding myself slowing down, looking up, and even searching for that little song-bird in the underbrush. Moreover, I really want to know what that giant pink wading bird is. Oh crap, I’m becoming a birder.

Probably our favorite encounter was with this giant pink Roseatte Spoonbill.

Roseatte Spoonbill Image

The Purple Gallinule may have been a close second. This bird is so brilliantly colorful you can’t help but stop and stare. Read More…

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