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Friend or Fawn

Falls Lake State Park, NC

We were out for a morning jog through the park, when, over our right shoulders, we heard something crashing through the underbrush. My first thought was that from a hungry bear’s perspective Shannon & I probably looked like a couple sticks of tasty bacon bouncing through the woods. We spun around to see, not a bear, but a family of deer. They stopped to watch us for a bit, before galloping off next to us. Pretty neat.

Lazy Days

Falls Lake State Park

This pier sits exactly 57 paces from our wonderful campsite in North Carolina’s Falls Lake State Park. Now that the weekend campers are gone, we seem to have the entire park, and this gorgeous lake, to ourselves. It’s quiet, beautiful, and relaxing. I’m not sure what it was about Richmond, but both Shannon & I felt unusually lazy there, almost like the city sapped our strength. But here, I feel more like I did back at the start of our trip. For some reason this spot reminds me of why we set out in the first place. Yeah.

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