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You All Rock!

IRC Leader BoardWe had an outstanding first day in our fundraising campaign for the refugee aid organization International Rescue Committee. In just 24 hours we raised $950, nearly half of our $2,000 goal. We wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who has participated so far.

And yet, as good as it feels to say “we’re half way there” it’s sobering to know we still need twice as many contributions to hit our target.

The IRC really is a great charity whose work is sorely needed in places like Syria. So if you haven’t yet given, please consider making a donation. And if you can’t give, please help us spread the word on your own blogs and social media outlets. 

We know you may need more information to make an informed decision so we’ve gathered some resources in the links below:

About our campaign
About the IRC
IRC Wikipedia Entry
IRC’s Accomplishments in 2012
IRC Rating from Charity Navigator
IRC in Syria

Where to donate  (url http://diy.rescue.org/everywherehelps )

Fun fact: The IRC was founded in 1933 at the suggestion of Albert Einstein to assist Germans suffering under Hitler.

A Better Use for Our Travel Dollars

International Rescue Committee

We just put our money where our mouth is. We’re hoping to inspire others to follow suit.

Last week we laid out the reasons why we won’t travel to North Korea. Today, we’re putting to good use some of the money we’re saving by not paying the North Korean government for a tour package. 

To get right to the point, we’re initiating a fundraising campaign for the refugee aid organization International Rescue Committee (“IRC”). We hope to raise at least $2,000 over the next three months. To show our commitment, and to get the ball rolling, we’ve kicked off the campaign by making a $500 contribution of our own.  (Click here to jump right in and donate, or keep reading to learn more). 

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