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Zombies Have Eaten New Orleans

Louisana State Museum, locked up tight

Louisana State Museum, locked up tight

We haven’t been outside this morning so it’s quite possible that the Big Easy is completely overrun by zombies. Considering the way the city basically shut down yesterday and is expected to remain closed today, we think that’s likely.

Jackson Square Park Closed

Jackson Square Park, Closed

The forecast didn’t call for zombies, though. It called for near-freezing temperatures and some rain. So naturally they locked up all the museums and the parks because, well, zombies.

It has to be zombies because no one closes down for cold weather, do they?

Closed Due to Cold Weather


Un-Terrifying Update: So we peek out our door this morning ready to beat back the marauding undead hoard and see this . . .

NOLA Ice Storm

No dead people feasting on the living but just enough ice to require a few minutes of window defrost – oh, and shut down the city.


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