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The Best Cooking Class Ever

Siam Cooking School Chiang Mai Thailand

I’m probably talking out of school here because we’ve only ever been to four cooking classes in our entire lifetime, but if Siam Rice in Chiang Mai, Thailand, isn’t among the best cooking schools for tourists anywhere I’ll eat my Khao Soi.

Why do we think Siam Rice is so good? Because they nailed every single thing anyone could want in a cooking school.

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Cajun Cooking Class

New Orleans Cooking School

“People will ask: ‘Why doesn’t mine taste like yours?’ It is because I’m a better cook than you are,” explained Chef Belton of the New Orleans Cooking School. The truth of that statementwas  undoubtedly confirmed by the group of sixty or so people crowded around tables for nearly three hours hoping to learn a couple of his Cajun cooking secrets; or maybe folks were just there to eat his creations.

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