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It’s Over


By all accounts the National Parks Hostage Crisis is coming to a close. The good news is that our wonderful parks are unharmed. The bad news is that plenty of other innocent bystanders are not so lucky.

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Release the Hostages!

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Update: And on the 16th day, it ended. See our final comments about this fiasco here.

Our National Parks have been kidnapped! The perpetrators say that we need to surrender our health insurance and financial security to win their release. We’re told that unless we pay their ransom our parks, along with the rest of our government, will remain closed.

For our part, we’re holding vigil near the gates of Sequoia National Park hoping Congress will release it unharmed. We’ll update this post’s banner photo with a new National Park image each day the hostage crisis continues in an attempt to send the following message to Congress:

Cut the shit and release the hostages. 


Do Republicans Hate Perpetual Travelers?

Our location independent lifestyle is made possible by our extraordinarily good fortune in obtaining an individual health insurance policy.

If the title of this post strikes you as an inflammatory detour into politics and away from our normal travel-related writing, that is only because politicians have inflamed us by forcing a detour of our travels. What’s worse is that their purpose for doing so threatens to undermine the kind of location independent lifestyle we routinely advocate here.

But before we get to that, we’ll start with the detour.

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