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Pelican Parade

This scoop of brown pelicans was our constant companion at the campground in Grassy Key. Watching them fish in the ocean and cavort on the dock was every bit as captivating as watching the sun go down over Florida Bay. I didn’t see “Pelicans” listed as a campground amenity, but I think they should be.

Pelican Image

Pelican Image

Pelican Image

Sunset Amenities

We thought it strange that the campground website listed “Sunsets” as one of the amenities of their park. But then we backed up right to the water and were treated to night, after night of displays like this one and the one above. Not a bad amenity.

Wasting Away Again . . .

Posting has been slow recently because we’ve been stuck on island time in the Florida Keys for most of January. This picture (one of my favorites from our trip so far) was taken from our bedroom window in Grassy Key. It’s hard to get motivated when just sitting here is so rewarding. I imagine we’ll have more to say on Miami at some point.  But at the moment I have more pressing matters to address; like finding my lost shaker of salt.

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