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Hike Kauai

Kauai Coast, Hawaii

A brief stop on the “Garden Isle,” the oldest and northern most in the Hawaiian chain, had us hankering for a hike. With rainforests, cliffs, canyons, and coast to choose from, we had a hard time narrowing down the list of options. Ultimately, we settled on two moderate jaunts that covered some of Kauai’s most iconic landscape.

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Petrified Forest National Park

Go for the Fossils. Stay for the Scenery.

Petrified Forest National Park

Of all the places we’ve visited in our more than two years of continuous travel, Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park has to be the most under-sold. We arrived there expecting to see 225 million year old wood. What we found were some of the most magnificent badland vistas of our trip.

That’s not to say Petrified Forest doesn’t live up to its namesake, too. It does. The place is lousy with fossilized trees. And unlike other fossils, these aren’t impressions of once living creatures in stone. These once living organisms are stone.

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