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Rainy Day Activities in Hue, Vietnam

Imperial City, Hue

The Imperial City in Hue, Vietnam

If we waited for the sun to shine, we would never have seen the most impressive sites in Hue. While the rest of Vietnam has two seasons, rainy and dry, the central region surrounding this intriguingly historic city has its own: wet and wetter. Undaunted by the dire weather report for our five-day stay and eager to explore the royal realms of the Nguyen Dynasty, we armored up with newly-purchased plastic ponchos and umbrellas and set out into the mist.

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Deception and Redemption in Hue, Vietnam

This was more than a meal. It was a rebuttal.

This was more than a meal. It was a rebuttal.

Any hopes we had of drying out after we left rainy Hoi An were quickly dashed. Our next destination has a reputation for notoriously bad weather, and in that regard Hue, Vietnam, more than exceeded our expectations.

In addition to the unrelenting cold and rain, the city also greeted us with a dose of unexpected irony. We had literally just pushed the print button on an article calling false every bad thing we had heard about Vietnam. Instead of the unfriendly and unscrupulous people we had been told to expect, everyone we actually met was exceedingly warm and helpful.

I guess we should have known that bad things happen when you tempt the Fates because it was the very next day that we boarded a bus to Hue.

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