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Fit or Fun?

Jeep Image

There is something about this Jeep that has me rethinking our plans.  As I mentioned earlier, our existing car isn’t suitable to tow, so we’ll eventually have to replace it with something else.  We had pretty much decided on getting a Honda Fit for a whole host of really boring practical reasons.  It’s inexpensive, light weight, has plenty of cargo capacity, gets great gas mileage, Zzzzzzzzzz.

But lately we’ve been running into a fair number of unpaved roads, which I didn’t really expect in the North East.  I’m wondering what we’ll encounter when we head west.  So we’ve been thinking that the dainty little Fit might not get us everywhere we want to go.  And how practical is that?

And then today we see this bad boy, tricked out for serious off-roading.  It even has the requisite mud splatters to prove it is legit.  But there is something else here that I can’t quite put my finger on.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but for some reason I really want a Jeep now.

Only on a Jeep Image

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