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Kayaking Blackstone Bay: Glaciers and Waterfalls

Blackstone Bay Glacier Kayak

There were two big things we wanted to do while in Alaska. The first was a glacier trek. Check. The second was to do some glacier kayaking. For that, we made our way down to Whittier, Alaska, where we hooked up with the Prince William Sound Kayak Center for gear, guide, and transportation.

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Undiscovered New York

A city of 8 million people like New York will not generally have a single undiscovered square inch. And yet, there are plenty of really cool things here that most tourists will likely miss unless they know to look for them. Here are five we sought out on our most recent visit to the Big Apple:

Trapeze School New York

Trapeze School New York

Fly through the air with the greatest of ease, or at least in the tightly controlled and totally fun environment of the Trapeze School New York. Offering two-hour classes suitable for everyone from first timers to advanced aerialists, the Trapeze School is a truly unique way to experience New York. Classes in trampoline, aerial silks, and a variety of acrobatic disciplines are also on offer at Trapeze School’s two New York locations.

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Kayak Durango

Kayak Durango, Lower Animas River, CO

Brain navigating a rapid on the Lower Animas River, Durango, CO

There is a certain amount of self discovery that goes hand in hand with trying new things. Prior to setting out on our current journey we never really considered ourselves particularly adventurous. Now we know that most of our favorite activities, from ziplining in Massachusetts, to mountain biking down Pike’s Peak 14,000 foot summit, to spelunking in Kentucky (and BelizeNew Mexico, . . .), all require some form of head protection.

Why should whitewater kayaking be any different?

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Pictured Rocks in Pictures

There is no way to adequately describe the 200-foot sandstone cliffs–carved by time and the elements into natural caves and bridges, painted by seeping minerals, and framed by emerald green waters–that comprise Pictured Rocks Natural Lake Shore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Photos don’t do it justice. The only way to fully appreciate these natural wonders is to explore them in a kayak, like we did with a tour provided by Paddling Michigan.
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