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Morning on the Coast

Morning Waves on the Pacific Coast

I got up early for no other reason than to see the morning sun break on California’s incredible coast. This little excursion took me roughly fifty miles along the Pacific Coast Highway from Morro Bay, past Hearst Castle, to the southern reaches of Big Sur.

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Bison at Grand Teton

Bison at Grand Teton National Park

California Wildflowers

Morrow Bay Wildflowers

For a couple of northeasterners who’ve spent their entire lives in a place where the saying “April showers bring May flowers” is considered a universal truth, seeing wildflowers pop all over southern California through February and into March is a real treat.

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Palisades Park, Pacific Beach, CA

Palisades Park, Palm Trees, Pacific Beach, California

Photo of the Day: Gifford Homestead Barn

Gifford Homestead Barn, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Gifford Homestead Barn, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

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