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How to Become Fearless

In youth, the world is wide open. Life is about trying new things, pushing boundaries, discovering limits, and exploring a planet that is ripe with possibility. As time passes we surround ourselves increasingly with comforts and lose interest in discovery. Our propensity for boldness atrophies. Our longing to see around the next corner gradually succumbs to fear of the unknown. Our world shrinks.

It doesn’t have to.

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Life and Death on Bedlam Farm

Bedlam Farm Donkeys, Simon

We didn’t know exactly what we were looking for. Jon had given us directions and we had the aid of our trusty GPS, but nothing we could see told us for certain we had actually arrived at Bedlam Farm in upstate New York.

I turned cautiously up the drive, not wanting to trespass uninvited on private property. The only visible sign read “By Appointment Only.” We weren’t sure if it was a clue or a warning. Then we heard the sound that told us we were absolutely in the right place.

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