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It’s Not a Fetish, Really

A casual glance at this blog might give the impression that we have some kind of obsession with waterfalls.  They have been a recurring theme lately, to be sure.  That is really a function of two things: we like hiking but we also want there to be a payoff.  Certainly wandering in the woods is better than a day in the office, but just seeing this isn’t usually enough reason to get us to go.  Instead, we look for interesting destinations that we can’t drive to.  In this part of the country, more often that not, that tends to be waterfalls.  We’ve traversed ice caves and trekked to gorgeous vistas, and we hope to discover more unusual things in our travels.  We gladly explore what an area has to offer.  I imagine when we get out west, we will bore you with endless pictures of dry, red rocks. But until then, you’ll probably continue to see things like this . . .

Moss Glen Falls Vermont

Moss Glen Falls, in Stowe, Vermont, is a 125-foot waterfall that emerges from a gorge cut in the schist by Moss Glen Brook.  The trail winds through spooky woods to the top of the gorge for a look at the falls from above.  The hike is simple enough, but can be treacherous as slippery rocks and branches have the potential to send a careless hiker to the bottom of the gorge.  Luckily, we survived the excursion and look forward to tempting fate again another day.

Moss Glen Falls Trail

Although pictures are said to be worth one thousand words, even photographs are sometimes rendered speechless when trying to describe something as awesome as a powerful waterfall.  In those instances, video helps, but still pales in comparison.

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