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Chinatown Murals, Vancouver, B.C.

Murals in Chinatown, Vancouver, BC

Paint the Town

LA Street Mural

Even the briefest tour around Los Angeles would reveal this striking fact: The City of Angels is abloom in a unique and unrivaled collection of public murals. From the rich diversity of its sprawling ethnic neighborhoods, the city’s walls, bridges and even freeway abutments have been transformed into street posters for Los Angeles’ cultural history and identity, showcasing an estimated 1,500 murals – more than any other urban center.”

L.A. Department of Cultural Affairs

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Mission Accomplished

St. Ignatius Mission Church, Art, Mural, Interior

It’s not surprising to learn that the St. Ignatius Mission, located on Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation, is included in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Or unusual that the reason for its listing is the 58 stunning murals that adorn the mission’s walls and ceiling. What is uncommon, though, is Brother Joseph Carignano: the untrained amateur artist employed at the mission as a handyman and cook who painted them all in his spare time.

St. Ignatius Mission Murals, Art, Paintings, Interior

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