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A Flowering Tree in Granada Spain

A Flowering Tree in Granada Spain

San Juan Island Fox

San Juan Island FoxWe saw this guy on the side of the road somewhere on San Juan Island, WA. We stopped long enough to get a photo, and he tentatively  stepped out of the woods and towards our car. It seems as if some folks have been feeding him – bad tourist, bad!

Portland of Waterfalls

5 Can’t-Miss Cascades 30 Minutes from Portland

Wahkeena Falls, Oregon

Wahkeena Falls

As long-time New Yorkers we not only feel at home in lively and vibrant cities, we prefer them. And downtown Portland, Oregon, reminded us of the best of our hometown — only smaller and with more bicycles and way more waterfalls.

Okay, so the waterfalls aren’t really in downtown, but they might as well be. In the amount of time it takes a New York subway to travel from City Hall to the Metropolitan Museum of Art you can drive from Portland’s bustling city center to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and its more than 77 waterfalls.

And getting there couldn’t be easier. A 30-minute drive east on I-84 out of Portland brings you to Exit 22 and the Historic Columbia River Highway. Drive another winding and scenic six miles north to reach your first waterfall.

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Big Trees and Spooky Woods

Humboldt Redwood State Park, California

There’s something humbling about being in the presence of creatures old enough to remember the Dark Ages, especially when they grow taller than the Statue of Liberty and thicker than a city bus.

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Bison at Grand Teton

Bison at Grand Teton National Park

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