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Merry Christmas from Coast to Coast

Merry Christmas from New York City to San Diego

Photo locations (from left to right) Crystal Pier San Diego, Radio City Music Hall NYC, Pacific Beach SD, NYC Subway, Rockefeller Center NYC, NY Stock Exchange.

Memory Lane at the Museum

Grand Canyon, Thomas Moran

One hundred years after Thomas Moran painted his 1912 work Grand Canyon with Rainbow (left)we discovered it pretty much exactly as he had left it (right).

A collection of travel-related magnets on a friend’s refrigerator in Seattle recently inspired a guessing game; one of our newfound favorites, actually. It’s the same game we played to an audience of salespeople at a Peter Lik photography gallery in Las Vegas. To their great annoyance (and our great amusement) we showed far less interest in spending thousands of dollars on glossy, wall-sized landscapes than we did in guessing their location. 

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Undiscovered New York

A city of 8 million people like New York will not generally have a single undiscovered square inch. And yet, there are plenty of really cool things here that most tourists will likely miss unless they know to look for them. Here are five we sought out on our most recent visit to the Big Apple:

Trapeze School New York

Trapeze School New York

Fly through the air with the greatest of ease, or at least in the tightly controlled and totally fun environment of the Trapeze School New York. Offering two-hour classes suitable for everyone from first timers to advanced aerialists, the Trapeze School is a truly unique way to experience New York. Classes in trampoline, aerial silks, and a variety of acrobatic disciplines are also on offer at Trapeze School’s two New York locations.

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New York City, a Reunion Tour

New York City Nighttime Skyline

The downside of living someplace wonderful is that you take it for granted. Returning to New York after a long absence gave us a unique opportunity: to revisit all of our most familiar and favorite places and see them again as if for the first time. We couldn’t wait to dive back in.

Carmine’s Restaurant

Carmines Restaurant New York City Upper West Side

New York has more restaurants than some cities have people: 20,000 of them. So many, in fact, it is possible to eat at a different establishment every single night for 55 years. Yet with all of those choices we only had one eatery on our minds, Carmine’s.

Our relationship with Carmine’s dates back almost to its beginnings in 1990. It’s been a love affair ever since. The oversized menus bolted to the walls haven’t changed in the twenty years we’ve known her. Neither has her incredible food, which is also served in oversized portions meant for sharing.

Arti Cutler designed Carmine’s so that each meal is like an Italian American wedding feast. He succeeded in making our every visit a celebration. We still prefer Carmine’s original Upper Westside Manhattan location but are glad to know the celebration has spread to D.C., Atlantic City, Los Vegas and Atlantis. When we can’t be in New York, we’ll be looking for her there.

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You Can Go Home Again

Is New York in the same league with Paris and Rome as a great tourist destination? I never thought so. I lived in and around the city for the better part of two decades. I love New York for all of its opportunities and conveniences. It’s a fantastic place to live. But let’s face it, it’s ugly. New York’s most majestic feature is actually best experienced by leaving Manhattan. The skyline view from New Jersey is simply amazing. Read More…

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