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10 Favorite Destinations, Year 5

Hoi An Japanese Bridge at Night

Covered bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam.

For the first time, our annual list of favorites consists of all overseas destinations. Last spring, after four years touring the U.S., we traded our RV for backpacks and set out to explore the rest of the world. While circumnavigating the globe—a first for us—we found ourselves in some pretty amazing places. Here is a list of our favorite destinations from our fifth full year of fulltime travel. Where applicable, the destination header links to the original blog post on the topic. 

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A Night Show at Notre Dame

Notre Dame at Night

One of the best parts of our week-long ramble around Paris was also the most unexpected. We had sauntered over to Notre Dame at dusk to get some night time photos and were treated to an impromptu performance.

Over the years we’ve seen scores of buskers commanding attention in nearly as many public squares. Some are good. Some are awful. These guys were among the best.

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Paris and New York, Perfect Together

Apropos to today’s post, my two great loves cleverly juxtaposed in this wonderful mash-up.

Around the World in Vegas (Sort of)

Las Vegas, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Montgolfier Balloon

There’s more to Las Vegas than just gambling, shopping and shows. And yes, more even than drinking, fornicating and otherwise embarrassing yourself in ways you pray will “Stay in Vegas.” For travelers like us who are uninterested in those things (well, many of those things anyway), we found in Vegas a surprising opportunity for world exploration; if only in a manner of speaking.

It’s fitting that several of the massive casinos dotting The Vegas Strip are themed after actual world cities. Many are large enough to qualify as cities themselves; complete with shopping, dining, entertainment and even museums. Once inside, there is no real reason to ever leave – which is entirely the point. But no matter how captivating a city or casino may be, we’re always looking forward to our next destination. So join us as we travel the world, Vegas style.

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