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Birds Of A Feather


It’s amazing how close birds get to these giant crocodiles. We saw ducks that swam right by like the crocs weren’t even there. This Blue Heron is a safe enough distance away, but you’d think he’d choose a different spot to wade. Maybe he had his DNA crossed with one of those city pigeons who like to live dangerously by always standing just barely outside of kicking range.


Paynes Prairie State Park

This white egret was popular, with just about every other bird in the prairie trying to hump it. She just ignored the advances, though, and no one scored while we were here. Stupid prude.

Oh Give Me A Home

Paynes Prairie State Park

We were told that we’d have to be lucky to see any of the wild horses that roam the 6,000 acres of Paynes Prairie state park in Micanopy, Florida. If we were really lucky, we’d spot a member of the small bison herd that also calls the prairie its home. As it turns out, we were really, really lucky, and saw both; along with deer, alligators, armadillos, hawks, bald eagles, and a far greater number of interesting birds than we’d seen before in our lifetime.

The highlight, though, was this guy who crossed our path just as we were about ready to leave for the day. He was kind enough to hang out for a couple of photos after getting a drink at the stream below. He didn’t seem to fear the gators at all and just waded in like he owned the place. Then again, at six feet tall and over two thousand pounds he probably does.

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