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Photographing Everywhere Once

Death Valley Photographer Silhouette at Night

Since launching this blog in 2010, we’ve told plenty of tales and posted plenty of photographs. One of the things that’s always been missing, though, is a centralized place to display our best images. That is until now. Today we’re introducing a gallery mosaic page populated with 184 of our favorite photos. It’s a one-stop visual smorgasbord chronicling four years of continuous travel.

You’ll find the new gallery under the Photos menu above or you can just click here.

Getting the Shot

Death Valley Photographer Silhouette at Night

We take a lot of photographs. And by a lot, I mean somewhere around 10,000 each year. Of all those photos I’d say that Shannon and I appear in only a couple of dozen (a good portion of which happen to be of Shannon’s backside for some reason).

We’ve just never been huge fans of photographing ourselves standing in front of things. We almost always find the world around us to be far more interesting and beautiful without us blocking the view. So we tend to focus our attention and our cameras away from ourselves.

At the same time, we are present in each and every one of those situations; oftentimes lying in the dirt or scrambling on top of something to get a better angle. That’s not something you normally get to see. So we decided put together a compilation of before and after photos to help tell the story of what goes into the thousands of shots we take each year.

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Morning on Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, California

Morning on Lake Tahoe, California

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

The Oregon Coast, a Photo Tour

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