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Greece Road Trip, Part 4: Mystras and Nafplio

Palamidi Fortress, Nafplio, Greece

Palamidi Fortress, Nafplio, Greece

After two nights in the walled medieval stronghold of Monemvasia, we walked along its roughhewn stone streets for the last time and exited the tiny town through the sole entryway: an opening just wide enough for a loaded donkey to fit through. After reclaiming our rental car, which went unused during our stay in pedestrian-only Monemvasia, we continued on our way through the Peloponnesian Peninsula.

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Greece Road Trip Part 3: A Video Tour of Monemvasia

Elkomenos Cristos Square, Monemvasia, Greece

Known to many as the Gibraltar of the East, the tiny Greek island fortress city of Monemvasia felt to us more like the Mont Saint Michel of the Mediterranean. Both are walled, medieval strongholds, surrounded by water on all sides, and tethered to the mainland only by a single slim causeway. And while its rough-hewn cobbles and Byzantine influences set Monemvasia apart from Mont Saint Michel’s well-laid stone and grand Gothic design, walking the streets of one felt reminiscent of the other.

With that in mind we thought we’d do something a little different and invite our readers along on a short walking tour of Monemvasia’s twisting alleys.

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Northern California Road Trip

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park

With great coastline to the west, miles of vineyards in the center, and four national parks to the east it’s easy to overlook northern California as a travel destination. That would be a mistake.

We’ve put together a short road trip that hits some great, and mostly overlooked, spots in the Golden State. Our itinerary round trips from Sacramento but, if you have the time, a great alternative is to keep heading north and attach Southern Oregon destinations – Ashland and Crater Lake – into the mix.

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Quite Possibly the Most Beautiful Drive in the U.S.

Alaskan Mountains and Water

It probably implies too much to say that leaving Anchorage, Alaska, is the best part of Anchorage, Alaska. But if you take that as a slam on Anchorage, it might be that you’ve never driven the Seward Highway out of town.

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From Sea to Shining Sea

Stormy Pacific Beach Sunset California

Pacific Beach, California

It took me by surprise. Not the ocean. That we found right where we expected to. What surprised me was the strange sense of accomplishment that washed over me upon seeing it.

Almost three years ago we set out to travel the country by motor home. During that time we’ve followed the seasons north and south like migratory birds methodically making their way from cool place to cool place. Along the way we’ve tried to keep our drive times short and avoid backtracking whenever possible. Do that long enough and you eventually drive from coast to coast without ever specifically planning to. That is, after all, how we ended up on California’s Pacific Beach.

It’s not the first time we’ve been to the Pacific Coast. But this time was somehow different. Driving across the country is the kind of thing that frequently appears on “Bucket Lists.” Not many people actually do it even though it represents one of the quintessentially American travel dreams.

We never really thought much about it, though. Driving coast to coast wasn’t ever a specific objective of ours. We embarked on this Great American Road Trip not to cross the country, but to see it. Getting from place to place, even from shore to shore, was never more than a means to an end. Which is why it surprised me that arriving at this ocean, so similar to the one we left long ago but for its cliff-lined coasts and sun that sets where it should rise, felt like victory.

It’s a strange thing to feel accomplishment in crossing off a goal I never set from a list I never wrote. Somewhere I must be keeping a bucket list of sorts, one that is secret even from me. Driving across country is apparently on that list, now proudly checked off.

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