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Photo of the Day: Rocky Mountain Elk

Rocky Mountain National Park Elk

Rocky Mountain National Park Elk

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain National Park Vista

Rocky Mountain National Park left us feeling breathless. Not because of the scenery, which is stunning, but because of the altitude.

For a couple of east-coasters whose home state averages an elevation of 246 feet above sea level, the heights of the park required some adjustment. Even a week in the “mile high city” didn’t acclimatize us enough for the Rockies’ 8,000 foot valleys and 14,000 foot peaks.

Our drive to the park took us through some of the most unbelievable scenery of our trip; winding through narrow granite canyons so tall they rose completely out of view. So mesmerized were we by the landscape that we barely noticed the relentless climb or the resulting lightheadedness that indicates altitude sickness. It wasn’t until after we stopped for a while that it really hit us.

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