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The Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

As seen from the Marin Headlands

The other great thing about large cities is all that stuff you did the last time you were here is totally worth doing again.

San Francisco Second Takes

California Palace of the Legion of Honor

Foggy view from the California Palace of the Legion of Honor

You’ve seen the Golden Gate Bridge and ridden the cable cars. You’ve driven the crookedest street in America, ferried to The Rock, and climbed Coit Tower. You’ve been here before and so had we. But that doesn’t mean you’ve “done” San Francisco. Not even close.

The wonderful thing about large cities is that their main attractions are really only appetizers for dozens of other lesser frequented sites, streets, neighborhoods and activities. Here are four that occupied us during our most recent trip to the City by the Bay (five if you count the Legion of Honor pictured above).

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