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The Visual Feast that is George Town

George Town, Malaysia

We may not have done nearly as well eating in Malaysia’s “Foodie Capitol” as we had hoped but that didn’t stop us from feasting on an impressive smorgasbord of a different variety. And while we would never claim George Town is an obviously beautiful city in the way that, say Hoi An in Vietnam is, there are enough pockets of visual attractions scattered about town to make it a worthwhile place to explore. Just be prepared. As with its culinary treasures, George Town plays a bit coy by hiding some of its best bits in out of the way places.

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Paint the Town

LA Street Mural

Even the briefest tour around Los Angeles would reveal this striking fact: The City of Angels is abloom in a unique and unrivaled collection of public murals. From the rich diversity of its sprawling ethnic neighborhoods, the city’s walls, bridges and even freeway abutments have been transformed into street posters for Los Angeles’ cultural history and identity, showcasing an estimated 1,500 murals – more than any other urban center.”

L.A. Department of Cultural Affairs

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