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Boondock Bangkok

Living in an RV creates special obstacles for someone who likes to cook eat as much, and as well, as I do. “Boondocking” adds a whole other layer of challenges, mostly relating to concerns about limiting water used for prep and clean-up. It is for that reason that hamburgers, hotdogs, deli salads and meats are so often associated with camping. But that isn’t the kind of diet I’m going to adopt willingly. Fortunately, there are tasty alternatives to the standard campground grub. One of which is Chicken Sates with Spicy Thai Noodles.

What makes this dish campground friendly is that the Thai noodles can be prepared a couple days ahead of time and served at room temperature, or even cold. Take that potato salad! The Sates marinate in a freezer bag before getting thrown on the grill. Add steamed vegetables and some House of Tsang Peanut Sauce (which is surprisingly good right off the grocery store shelf) and you have high-quality Thai take-out served up in the heart of the wilderness. How’s that for “roughing it?”

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