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The Trouble with Time Zones

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“Check-in isn’t until noon.”

“It’s noon where I came from,” I replied, to no avail.

Unbeknownst to us, our short drive had taken us into “Arizona time,” which just happened to be an hour earlier than we planned and apparently an hour earlier than our campsite was ready to accommodate us.

One might forgive our confusion. You see, Arizona follows Mountain Standard Time, except for when and where it doesn’t. We unfortunately arrived at one of those places and at one of those times.

From mid-March to early November Arizona is really on Pacific Time, except for the Navajo Nation, whose clocks read an hour earlier. For the rest of the year, all of Arizona, including the Navajo Nation, follows Mountain Time. Got it? Neither do I, really.

All of this leaves us wondering, what is the point? Not specifically about the peculiarities of Arizona time but the point of time zones in general.

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