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Greece Road Trip Part 3: A Video Tour of Monemvasia

Elkomenos Cristos Square, Monemvasia, Greece

Known to many as the Gibraltar of the East, the tiny Greek island fortress city of Monemvasia felt to us more like the Mont Saint Michel of the Mediterranean. Both are walled, medieval strongholds, surrounded by water on all sides, and tethered to the mainland only by a single slim causeway. And while its rough-hewn cobbles and Byzantine influences set Monemvasia apart from Mont Saint Michel’s well-laid stone and grand Gothic design, walking the streets of one felt reminiscent of the other.

With that in mind we thought we’d do something a little different and invite our readers along on a short walking tour of Monemvasia’s twisting alleys.

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Video of the Day: Million Dollar Highway

A stretch of mountain road connecting Durango, Colorado with our next stop in Ouray is often referred to as The Million Dollar Highway. Nobody knows if that dollar figure refers to the value of the gold and silver ore thought to be mixed in with the fill underneath the pavement or an attempt to put a price on the accompanying views. One thing everyone seems to agree on though is that driving the Million Dollar Highway, with its steep grades, hairpin turns and absence of guardrails can be one of the most dangerous trips in the country. It even made an appearance on an episode of Speed Network’s Dangerous Drives. So naturally, it’s a road we just had to drive.

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