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Turning Virtual Acquaintances into Real World Friends


If you haven’t seen the above image yet then perhaps you missed it on your way into that café without wifi because it’s making the rounds online. I’m guessing that’s not due to the hilarious irony of sharing such a message through social media but because it fits a well-worn stereotype so well. But how well does it really fit?

Let’s see. In this last week alone we met up with a wonderful couple we’d never have known if not for our blog; had dinner in Atlanta with someone we originally struck up a conversation with in Guatemala because we recognized her from her blog and Twitter; met two other people who were invited to that same dinner party because they knew us through EverywhereOnce; have plans to share drinks with a long-lost high school friend we reconnected with through Facebook; and are spending a few nights at a new friend’s house who we met at an event arranged online. 

So yeah, we really should turn off our computers and, um, live like it’s 1993 when people could mostly only connect to folks they already knew. But that doesn’t change the fact that I really still do need to call my Mom.


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