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What is it with Waterfalls?

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Waterfalls never lose their allure. We’ve seen dozens of them across the U.S., from mighty Niagara in New York to McWay Falls in California’s Big Sur, one of the few in the world to pour directly into an ocean. And yet we never tire of them. In fact, we still seek them out.

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Big Island Waterfalls

Akaka Falls, Hilo, Hawaii

Akaka Falls State Park, Hawaii

These are just a few of the numerous waterfalls that grace Hawaii’s Big Island. We found these particular cascades just a short distance from the city of Hilo near Mauna Kea.

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The Ordinary Beauty of Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Horseback Ride Landscape

Yellowstone is anything but ordinary. Diverse may be a better one-word description of this iconic park. Huge is another good contender.

At 3,472 square miles, Yellowstone is more than two times larger than the entire state of Rhode Island. Even the massive volcanic caldera that gives rise to its signature hot springs and geysers still only represents about 40% of the park. The rest is covered by seemingly endless miles of natural beauty that is more typical of what we’ve come to expect from our national parks.

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