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Secret Sea Otter Site

Sea Otter

True, it’s not a secret. Nothing really is anymore thanks to people like us who blab about everything we find on the internets. But if you’re looking for an up-close encounter with wild and endangered sea otters you may not find a better location than Moss Landing, California.

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Survival of the Brutish

Elephant Seal Striking Sexy Pose

I’m too sexy for this beach.

Birds do it. Bees do it. Elephant seals certainly do it, but do they really need to be so rapey about it? It’s enough to make you wonder whether the males wouldn’t benefit more generally from some anger management classes.

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Who Needs SeaWorld?

Baby seals, Childrens Pool Beach, La Jolla, CA

The more we see animals in the wild the less we enjoy seeing them in cages. Even the wonderfully clean and professionally administered San Diego Zoo left us feeling a bit sad when we originally visited it seven years ago. Now that we’re back in the area, we have no plans to return.

Nor do we intend to visit SeaWorld even though it sits just six short miles from our San Diego campground. Ubiquitous advertisements beckoning us with images of trained dolphins and whales literally jumping through hoops for humans only reinforce our disinterest in a theme park constructed around captured creatures. Fortunately, we found an alternative.

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Photo of the Day: Bighorn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep, wildlife

A female bighorn sheep climbing the cliffs of Zion National Park

A Crown Fit for a Continent

Glacier National Park Mountains Landscape

It is often called the “Crown of the Continent,” and for good reason too. With vaulting granite peaks soaring two miles high and ice carved valleys bejeweled by 762 lakes that sparkle like diamonds and sapphires in the mid-day sun, Glacier National Park is every bit a crown fit for a continent.

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