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Bite Sized Debauchery

For a tasty sampler drawn from Shannon’s new book, Writers Between the Covers, check out her latest article printed over at The Huffington Post: 8 Literary Heartbreakers.

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The jerk gene was also shared by fellow Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who dumped his pregnant wife to elope with 16-year-old Mary Godwin.”

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Writers Between the Covers

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Meet Your Favorite Blogger. Plus a Chance to Win

Texas Book Festival

Ever wonder what we’re like in person? No? Oh, well, then feel free to skip ahead to the contest details below.

For everyone else, you’ll have a chance to meet your favorite blogger, Shannon, at this weekend’s Texas Book Festival in Austin, October 26 & 27. She’ll be there to promote her new book, Writers Between the Covers: The Scandalous Romantic Lives of Legendary Literary Casanovas, Coquettes, and Cads.

Be sure to stop by her Writers Between the Covers panel discussion on Sunday, October 27, where she’ll participate in some salacious “literary pillow talk” with fellow author Betsy Prioleau of Swoon: Great Seducers and Why Women Love Them. (The panel begins at 3:15 in the Capitol Extension Room E2.026.) Also keep an eye out for Shannon throughout the rest of the festival. She’ll be prowling around various events all weekend.

If you’re in the Austin area, please drop in for what is always a great celebration. The Texas Book Festival is free and open to the public. It is also held in the spectacular State Capitol Building, which is worth a visit all by itself. Throw in live music, great food, and dirty books and you have the makings of a fabulous weekend.

Enter to Win

Shannon is also graciously giving away some free copies of her latest book. Entering the contest is easy, and free. See details here.

Good luck.

The Reviews are In

Writers Between the Covers

Shannon’s forthcoming book, Writers Between the Covers, hits stands and e-readers October 29 and the favorable reviews are starting to roll in.

This review appeared in today’s edition of the book industry newsletter Shelf Awareness. You can read it below for a bit of a tease. But why settle for that when you can have the full monty?


Ian Fleming was a sadomasochist. F. Scott Fitzgerald was worried about his measurement; Hemingway allayed his fears. Edith Wharton–Miss Propriety herself–carried on, while married, a long-term affair with Morton Fullerton. Did Dickens have a thing for his sister-in-law? Read Writers Between the Covers and these and other delicious tidbits will all be made clear.

Following their tribute to “literary landmarks” in Novel Destinations, Shannon McKenna Schmidt (a Shelf Awareness contributing writer) and Joni Rendon compiled a very different compendium of information about authors–gossipy and surprising, filled with all kinds of salacious stories about the writers we know and love (or think we know, at any rate). The authors have great fun with the titles of their chapters on various authors: “All War, No Peace” (Tolstoy), “Beautiful and Damned” (the Fitzgeralds), “The Alpha Mailer” (Norman) and so on.

Among the intriguing stories is that of Agatha Christie, who married a dashing aviator when she was 21. Four years later, after the First World War, they set up housekeeping in a manor house she named “Styles,” after the success of her debut novel. All was well until, a decade later, her husband blindsided her with the news he was leaving her for another woman. They argued, he left to keep an assignation with his lover and Agatha disappeared. Police organized what was called the “Great Sunday Hunt” and all available means were deployed to find the missing author. A pond was dragged, airplanes were used, clairvoyants consulted–still no Agatha. She was busy enjoying herself at a spa in another part of England, using the name of her husband’s mistress. Doctors diagnosed amnesia when she finally surfaced 11 days later, but she would never speak of the incident, in person or in print. She gave her husband the divorce he was pleading for, though she kept his now-famous last name, and later married Sir Max Mallowan, with whom she spent 40 happy years–all’s well that ends well.

Not all the stories end so tidily; in fact, few of them do. Much of the drama recounted in these pages was fueled by alcohol, sometimes drugs, bad tempers, confused gender roles–all the things that drive people to wild behavior. Sexual adventurism is an equal opportunity pastime, and the authors have a deft hand at portraying both men and women at their moral nadir–and, oh, how much fun it is to read about. –Valerie Ryan

A Transatlantic Toast

ChampaignCongratulations are in order to both Shannon and her London-based co-author, Joni, for finally turning the page on another awesome page-turner. Today we’ll be popping the cork on this pink champagne and raising a glass to toast the collaborative couple and to wish their new book, Writers Between the Covers, a fond farewell as it makes its way to their publisher.

It’s been a long road, quite literally: from pitching editors while noshing food-truck fare in Denver’s Civic Center Park and researching Gustave Flaubert while in Flores, Guatemala, to carving out time for writing at every one of our last 87 destinations and now, finally, pushing the button on a completed manuscript from Cedar City, Utah.

We’ll have more to say on their latest tome closer to its publication date. For now, we’re simply celebrating another job well done.



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