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Thermal Vent, Yellowstone National Park

Thermal Vent, Yellowstone National Park

Memory Lane at the Museum

Grand Canyon, Thomas Moran

One hundred years after Thomas Moran painted his 1912 work Grand Canyon with Rainbow (left)we discovered it pretty much exactly as he had left it (right).

A collection of travel-related magnets on a friend’s refrigerator in Seattle recently inspired a guessing game; one of our newfound favorites, actually. It’s the same game we played to an audience of salespeople at a Peter Lik photography gallery in Las Vegas. To their great annoyance (and our great amusement) we showed far less interest in spending thousands of dollars on glossy, wall-sized landscapes than we did in guessing their location. 

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The Colors of Yellowstone National Park

Abyss Pool, Yellowstone National Park

Abyss Pool, West Thumb Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Amazingly vibrant color, more than any other single thing, is what puts Yellowstone in a league all by itself. For some unknown reason, though, the park’s collection of frequently erupting geysers gets most of the attention. Old Faithful, it seems, is as much a national landmark as the overexposed giant heads of Mount Rushmore. But seeing a column of water burst from the ground like an ordinary city fountain is every bit as exciting as it sounds. Having to wait 90 minutes or more to actually see one makes it decidedly less so.

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