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The Morning Commute is Such a Drag

Shannon hard at work in the office, Countryside Campground, CT

Ordinary, Extraordinary

I’ve never been here before, and it feels a little like an adventure.  Not an “Adventure”, with a capital ‘A’, like an Indiana Jones escapade or even a gorilla trek in Gabon (on the to-do list, btw).  But a small adventure of exploring something unfamiliar.

And it’s not at all about the destination.  There isn’t anything at all “touristy” about this area and no reason why a traveler would venture here, except out of necessity.  And indeed, I’m here on a perfectly ordinary errand; to pick-up Shannon at the New London, CT, train station.  But it is that juxtaposition between the ordinary and the unfamiliar that has me excited.  Every day now is a kind of adventure; an exploration of the unknown.

I wonder if it is possible for the unfamiliar to become routine.  I hope not, this is too much fun.

Happy Birthday to Me

For my 39th birthday we undertook the first hike of our new life.   This hike, a fairly simple one, is to Kaaterskill Falls, a two drop waterfall in the eastern Catskill mountains of New York.

The hardest part is getting to the trail head, which requires braving oncoming traffic, along winding roads with no shoulder . . .

And navigating the wreckage from over-night storms . . .

But after a short hike, we arrived at the deserted waterfall (one of the benefits of being able to get here during the middle of a work day) and set up a nice picnic on a flat rock overlooking the falls and the pool of water beneath.  Happy Birthday to me!

Settling in Nicely

Ever since we decided to do this we’ve worried that Tabitha might have difficulty adjusting to the new environment.  For most of her 12 years, she’s lived in the same house and has rarely ventured outside.  She’s not much of a traveler, and we didn’t know how she’d cope.  But thankfully it looks like she’s settling in nicely, as we all are.

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