Ordinary, Extraordinary

I’ve never been here before, and it feels a little like an adventure.  Not an “Adventure”, with a capital ‘A’, like an Indiana Jones escapade or even a gorilla trek in Gabon (on the to-do list, btw).  But a small adventure of exploring something unfamiliar.

And it’s not at all about the destination.  There isn’t anything at all “touristy” about this area and no reason why a traveler would venture here, except out of necessity.  And indeed, I’m here on a perfectly ordinary errand; to pick-up Shannon at the New London, CT, train station.  But it is that juxtaposition between the ordinary and the unfamiliar that has me excited.  Every day now is a kind of adventure; an exploration of the unknown.

I wonder if it is possible for the unfamiliar to become routine.  I hope not, this is too much fun.

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