Travel Day

Today is travel day.  We’re heading from Connecticut to Rhode Island.  The drive time is only about 50 minutes but this little jaunt will put us within spitting distance of Newport, Providence, Bristol, Block Island and beaches.  Throw in some hiking and biking and we’ll have more to do than our allotted 10 days will allow.

This is only our third move with the RV but our anxiety level is way down.  Getting the bus seaworthy and driving the beast isn’t as challenging as we originally feared.  It’s pretty much a matter of battening down the hatches, dumping poo, unhooking everything that needs to be unhooked, making sure the kitten doesn’t get crushed in a retracting slide, and we’re ready to go.  Set-up is just reversing the process (except we don’t reload poo, at least not straightaway).  The whole process might take us an hour, but with practice I think we’ll get it down to 30 minutes or so.  Besides, most of the chores needed to disembark are things we have to do anyway – like cleaning and putting stuff away.

We’ve found that traveling like this is far better than herding on to an airplane.  It’s even better than a normal road trip that involves packing and unpacking suitcases and a car.  Whoever said “getting there is half the fun” must have been smoking crack for that half of the trip.  Traveling is painful.  Destinations are awesome.  So here’s to more destinations with less travel . . . Cheers!

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