Happening Hampton Beach

With less than an inch of coastline per resident, you’d expect New Hampshirites to make the most of what they have (you might also expect to see people stacked on the beach like they were in a Japanese capsule hotel, but you’d be wrong, at least on Wednesdays).  So it is of little surprise that Hampton Beach goes overboard with events and activities.

During the day we bypassed the southern area, which is crammed full of the typical sea-side fish shacks, souvenir shops, and other kitsch in favor of the north-beach where the only real attraction is the sand and the surf.  We did venture “downtown” to check out the 10th Annual Master Sand Sculpting Competition.  This is what someone who’s spent far too much time on the beach can do with 10 tons of sand . . .

A new career path, perhaps?

We came back later that night and expected the place to be mostly cleared out.  We were surprised to find it rockin’ and a rollin’ with even more people than during the day.  Live outdoor music and fireworks probably explain the crowd, but this was a Wednesday night.  Don’t you all have work in the morning?  Nevertheless, Hampton Beach was hopping.  And this wasn’t even a particularly special night.  They stage more than 80 such “concerts under the stars” and light fireworks roughly once per week during summer months.  Fortunately for us, at least a few of the state’s residents stayed home and we were able to borrow some of their precious coastline for just a little while.


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