Stuck In Orbit

Sick bay

The good news is that we got our coach back from the dealer the very same afternoon.  The bad news is that they didn’t fix a frigging thing.  A convenient thunderstorm revealed that our window still leaks.  And the left rear leveling jack, which wasn’t fully retracting before being serviced, wouldn’t retract at all this morning.

Yup.  Two days after being “fixed” the jack went down, and stayed down, rendering the rig immobile.  Fortunately, this problem yielded to the same prescription that seems to work for most of life’s troubles: a two-by-four and a crowbar.  Shannon supplied the muscle while I stayed inside pushing little buttons.  My button-pushing prowess paid dividends, though, as we eventually coerced the jack back into place, allowing us to make a second trip to the dealer.

Naturally, we couldn’t recreate the jack problem for the mechanics and everything works just peachy at the moment.  It’s magic.  I was, however, able to demonstrate the leak and the dealer agreed to replace the window, when one arrives, in three weeks, maybe more.  Who knows?  We’re not going to wait around, although we won’t be venturing very far since a return trip to the dealer awaits us.

It feels like we’ve failed to achieve escape velocity and we’re stuck in orbit around upstate New York.


2 Comments on “Stuck In Orbit”

  1. Chris H. July 15, 2010 at 7:17 pm #

    Take heart. There could be worse places to be stuck in orbit…like the Painted Desert or Mt. St. Helens or –heaven forfend– Los Angeles. This is just a small glitch in your longterm plans.


  2. Grant July 16, 2010 at 12:56 am #

    Don’t waste the 3 weeks… Montreal is only a few hours away if your jack problem is fixed. How about a little duct tape on that window, or maybe some bubble gum??? ha ha


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