Longer Hose Wanted

Our sewer hose (bottom right), stretched to the limit

We arrived safely in Massachusetts basically on schedule, a few wrong turns aside.  The rig leveled successfully, which was never a problem, but whether we’ll be able to un-level it, remains to be seen.  It could be that our leveling jacks are now a permanent foundation.  So if anyone wants to see us, we’re in Lanesborough, MA, possibly for the foreseeable future.

Set-up took longer than usual today.  When entering our campsite Shannon helpfully pointed out that my hose wasn’t quite long enough to reach the desired spot.  So I had to pull out, and back in, and out, and in, many more times than either of us wanted.  But once started, you have to see the job through to completion, or else everyone just ends up cranky.  Through persistence, and no small measure of skill on my part, we eventually got things situated to everyone’s satisfaction.  But life would be much easier if only I had a longer hose.  So I’m off to see if I can find an extension.

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One Comment on “Longer Hose Wanted”

  1. Heather H. August 1, 2010 at 7:11 pm #

    That is just too funny, whichever way you choose to read it!


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