Hurricane Hideaway

Hurricane Earl Hideaway

The bad news is that we decided to visit Bar Harbor during one of the three worst heat waves ever recorded and just before the largest hurricane threat in a decade. The good news is EconoLodge. I say that with only the slightest tinge of sarcasm. After all, what are the chances we’d find a seemingly sturdy, conveniently located, pet friendly, hotel with oversized parking spots large enough for a 35 foot motor home? I’d have guessed none. But here it is, about an hour inland from where we were in Bar Harbor.

We could have stayed put and rode out the storm. Some folks at our campground were planning to do just that, and they’ll probably be fine. But then again, they might end up needing to have their dumb asses rescued because they were too stupid to get out of harm’s way. That didn’t sound like a good trade to us. Instead, we’re making a brief, unscheduled, detour to a hotel where we plan to watch the raging storm, and previously missed Daily Show episodes, over a Papa John’s pizza and a six pack. It could be worse.

In all likelihood we’ll be back in Bar Harbor tomorrow afternoon. The nice thing about traveling permanently is that little detours like this don’t really matter that much. If we only had the weekend to work with, a good portion of it would be shot. But we were planning to spend a week (or more) in Bar Harbor and we will spend a week (or more) there, even if it means adding extra days. What else do we have to do?

Ha-ha, kill yourself, Earl.

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One Comment on “Hurricane Hideaway”

  1. Heather H. September 3, 2010 at 5:44 pm #

    You are in a perfect situation where you can leave and get out of harm’s way! You have everything you own with you and you don’t have to worry about a house being ripped to shreds or flooded. Why risk staying at a campground with the crazy people!? I hope you guys stay safe at the EconoLodge and get to enjoy the rest of your visit in Bar Harbour after Earl is done visiting!


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