Camden Hills State Park

Maiden Cliff, Camden, ME

One of the things we’ve discovered is that some places are better suited to visiting in an R.V. than others. We’ve found large cities to be particularly challenging given the logistical difficulties of day tripping from somewhere on the outskirts. Getting an in-city hotel room for a couple of nights might be a good solution, and one we’ll have to explore in the future.

On the flip side, small cities, towns and rural locations are ideally suited for R.V. travel. And one of the best places we’ve stayed thus far is Camden Hills State Park. The park put us right at the doorstep of 30 miles of hiking trails, and within minutes of quaint Camden, ME. Our camping fees also granted us free daily admission to the state park, which is one of the highlights of the area. There’s nothing like waking up every morning in the heart of your sightseeing destination.

Camden Hills State Park, Camden, MaineThe hiking trails in the park all connect, allowing you to hike for as long, or as little, as you want. We combined the Maiden Cliff Trail and the Scenic Trail to do a loop of Megunticook Mountain, and catch these great views from the 800 foot cliff overlooking Megunitcook Lake.

On our descent we spent a long while watching what we thought were several birds of prey circling the valley, including this guy, who may or may not be a bald eagle. On further investigation, though, we discovered that most of the birds in question were turkey vultures; possibly the ugliest birds on earth. As for what they were circling in the valley (less fortunate hikers?), we didn’t discover.

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